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What Should I Expect From a Professional Painting Estimate?

There are a few steps you can expect as part of a professional painting estimate, including an appointment confirmation, project discussion during the appointment, a walk around with pictures and measurements, discussion of the paint to be used and cost of the project, and follow-up information.

An estimate with JMJ Painters includes these and a few additional steps. Here is a quick look at each step of our painting estimates.

Appointment Confirmation & Painting Consultant Information

After requesting an appointment online or directly setting an appointment over the phone, you will receive an appointment confirmation email with the date and time of the appointment. It will also include our Painting Consultant’s name, picture, and a concise version of their professional and personal background, so you know who to expect on the day of your appointment.

Pre-Appointment Phone Call

Your JMJ Painters Painting Consultant will call you prior to your appointment to discuss a few items, including:

  • Confirming your appointment time
  • Asking if there are any special instructions you have, such as a particular place they should park
  • Discussing your project at a high level
  • Noting the estimated duration of the appointment
  • Explaining the general steps of the appointment

“On Our Way” Phone Call or Text

You will receive a phone call or text, according to your contact preferences, from your JMJ Painters Painting Consultant on the day of your appointment to let you know they are on their way and approximately when they will arrive.

Project Discussion

Your JMJ Painters Painting Consultant will introduce themself at the door. Once inside, they will discuss the project with you in more detail and ask questions. This is also a good opportunity for you to ask them any questions about the project.

Walk Around

After clarifying the details of the project, the [Sales Associate] will do a walk around of the painting project area, whether that’s rooms inside the home or an area outside the home. They will look at the general layout of the project area and note anything that may need special considerations. For an interior project, this could be patches of drywall that need repair.Exterior considerations may include repairs to rotting wood around trim or siding and repairing wood pecker holes.

After the walk around, your JMJ Painters Painting Consultant will briefly confirm the details of the project and discuss their notes from the walk around.

Taking Pictures and Measurements

Your JMJ Painters [Sales Associate] will then take pictures of the rooms to be painted or the exterior of the home. These pictures are used to provide our painters with a visual of the space they will be painting. This helps them properly prepare for the project. 

The Painting Consultant will also take measurements, which helps determine the amount of paint and the work hours needed to complete the project.

During this time, they will also count the windows and doors in the project space and note anything that may need to be covered during the painting process.

Creating the Estimate

Based on the measurements and notes taken, our Painting Consultant will use our proprietary software that utilizes both national and regional product and labor information to create an estimated cost for completing your project. 

Discussing the Estimate

Our [Sales Associate] will present you with the estimate and walk through it with you. 

The estimate will include:

  • Project details
  • Paint information (i.e., paint name, number of coats, and paint sheen)
  • Other processes required to complete your project (i.e., drywall repair or replacing window trim)
  • Total estimated project cost
  • Payment terms
  • Warranty information for product and labor
  • Notes on liability insurance and Workers’ Compensation insurance
  • Contact information for your JMJ Painters Painting Consultant

This estimate will be emailed to you either during the appointment or shortly after the appointment.  

Schedule Follow-Up Call

The final step is to schedule a follow-up phone call or text message to answer any additional questions you have and discuss next steps of the project.

During the appointment, you will also receive a JMJ Painters folder with your Painting Consultant’s business card and company information, so you can get to know us and our values-driven approach. From setting up your appointment to your estimate to the final inspection with JMJ Painters, it’s about more than just paint. It’s about making the love of Jesus Christ known and caring for families.

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