About JMJ Painters

We bring the Love of Christ and our love for the family into our work so that you experience a uniquely purposeful and uplifting painting experience that goes above and beyond for every client.

At JMJ Painters, we understand you want to feel confident and comfortable with the team that you hire for your upcoming paint job. We believe you should be able to work with a purpose-driven company who understands that technical painting talent is only a fraction of good service.

When you work with the right contractor the painting experience is more than a renovation; it can be an uplifting, spiritually positive experience strengthened by connection, kindness, care and respect for one another.

We are the right contractor.

It is our duty to Glorify God in all that we do and your client journey is the cornerstone of our business approach. Our faith plays an integral role in our JMJ Painters mission. In fact, it’s at the center of everything we do.

From initial client contact to project performance to final completion, we want every one of our clients to know the love of Jesus Christ, and we make purposeful decisions that blend our faith into our work.

Over the past six years, we have mindfully grown the JMJ Painters team, hiring new talent only when a person is the right values fit and shares our commitment to Christ and the dignity of all people. We seek team members with high moral character that we can trust to always do the right thing, stand by their word, and truly serve.

Our clients are a diverse group of wonderful human beings who help to spread our business mission and enhance our success. We are grateful.

We value the opinions and feedback from our clients. A beautifully painted home is a win, but heartfelt client feedback about a great experience is a treasure.

Spotlight on JMJ Painters

Other key things about JMJ Painters

JMJ Painters is consecrated to the Holy Family of Nazareth, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, and we strive to imitate their example in all of our interactions, our workmanship, and care for our family and yours.

Thank you for considering a painting project with us. As the company grows, we will always hold our central values strong, staying aligned to personalized, meaningful painting services that invite the Love of Jesus Christ into every moment.

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