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Five Signs Your Home May Need New Paint

How can you tell if it’s time to repaint the exterior of your home? There are several signs that can appear and indicate repainting is needed to prevent damage to the siding or prevent the spread of damage. Here are five signs to look for when inspecting the condition of your home’s exterior paint.

1. Hairline Cracks

Look for hairline cracks in the paint near the bottom of the siding boards. These cracks can appear on any siding board, but you often start seeing them on the three bottom rows of siding boards. If you see these cracks, it means the paint is starting to fail. If the cracks are not fixed, rainwater that typically collects at the bottom of siding boards can soak into the material of the siding, which will cause damage and further cracking of the paint.

2. Color Differences

You may see a difference in the richness of the paint color on the nails in the siding and the siding board itself. If the color is richer or more vibrant on the nails, it indicates the paint has faded significantly and may start coming off the siding material soon.

3. Chalky, White Substance

If your home has stucco, brick, or cement siding on the exterior, it may initially look undamaged even as the material is beginning to break down. If you gently run your finger across the material and you see a chalky, white substance, it could mean the paint is starting to deteriorate. It could also be a sign of water getting into the siding material and reacting with the minerals in the the siding in a way that will eventually cause the material itself to crumble.

If you see this chalky, white substance on vinyl siding, it could indicate the factory finish is wearing off the siding and it’s more susceptible to impact damage and erosion from the elements. Similarly, if aluminum siding has this same chalky substance, the factory finish has most likely worn off and the siding may be starting to oxidize, which causes damage similar to rust.

4. Rust Spots

Look for rust spots where the nails are in the siding. These rust spots indicate the primer that was used is broken down and no longer effective or it wasn’t a rust inhibiting primer. It also indicates water has entered the siding and is likely causing damage to the material.

5. Flaking Paint

When the paint starts to flake off siding, the paint has already failed. You may see paint that is flaking on the siding, or there may be flakes of paint on the ground. Since the paint is starting to come off, it’s no longer able to protect the siding from water and other elements that can damage the siding material.

If you notice any of these issues, it’s a good idea to repaint in order to prevent any further damage to the siding. Scraping the damaged areas and providing proper mitigation before repainting should eliminate the need for replacing any siding and save you money. JMJ Painters can help you determine if your home exterior may need repainting. You can schedule a free estimate with us online or give us a call at (612) 255-3351.

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