Exterior Painting Pricing

What will it cost to paint the outside of my house?

A blue painted house
An example exterior painting project

While Minnesota is consistently ranked as one of the best places to raise a family, we know that comes with some pretty extreme weather!

Dealing with the blistering cold and snow in winter, as well as the humidity and heat of summer means you need to take special care to protect your home from the elements - which is exactly what we're here for!

JMJ Painters are here to be your Exterior Painting Specialists!

To help give you an idea of our pricing, here are some ballpark numbers as you're setting up your budget.

NOTE: Please remember that every project is different. There are many factors that go into house painting and these are provided as a guide; we will provide exact numbers during your project consultation!

  • Under 1,500 Square Feet
    Typical Range is: $2,000 to $4,015
  • 1,500 to 2,500 Square Feet
    Typical Range is: $2,985 to $5,835
  • 2,500 to 3,500 Square Feet
    Typical Range is: $3,475 to $7,120
  • Above 3,500 Square Feet
    Typical Range is: $4,445 to $9,755

We are an EPA Lead Certified Firm so if your home was built before 1978, we will assume your home contains Lead Paint until proven otherwise. We are able to test for the presence of Lead, and if your home does have Lead Paint, the price for the project will increase from 25-40%.

Things that may put you on the higher end of the range:
Number of Coats, Condition of the Home (peeling or rotting), Difficult Access (large gardens, uneven surfaces, etc.), Large Number of Windows.

Example Projects

Here are a few actual projects we have recently completed as examples.

  • A house we painted in Crystal, MN

    Crystal, MN Rambler

    This 988 sq. ft. rambler with detached garage had a lot of peeling paint to scrape, re-bond, and paint.

    We painted 1 coat the same color, the railings, shutters, house numbers, and foundation.

    This project was priced at $3,000

  • An example exterior we painted in Excelsior, MN

    Excelsior, MN Garage & Addition

    We Painted the Exterior and Detached Garage of this home in Excelsior.

    Everything was in pretty good shape and we changed the color to match the upper level addition which was prefinished siding.

    This project was priced at $4,300

  • A house JMJ painters painted in Chanhassen, MN

    Chanhassen, MN Color Change

    This 3,000 sq. ft. home was in need of a refresh with new colors.

    We painted 2 coats on the house with a white accent trim. There were a few woodpecker holes to fix but nothing else.

    To save a little money, we left the trim in the back corner unpainted which saved the homeowners quite a bit and looked great!

    This project was priced at $6,200 but discounting the trim brought the price down to $5,250

  • A large blue home we painted in St. Paul, MN

    St. Paul, MN Restoration

    This 2,000 sq. ft. home in Saint Paul needed a lot of work! We helped coordinate repairs to the foundation and repainted with historic colors to get the house ready for sale.

    These projects in St. Paul are typically quite the investment and there is usually a lead paint risk as well.

    This project was priced at $7,100