Interior Painting Pricing

What will it cost to paint the interior of my home?

An inside painting project
An example interior painting project

Interior Painting Pricing is much more complex than Exterior Pricing. As unique as things might be outside, they are much, much more inside.

Whether you are working on getting new colors as a gift for your loved one, refreshing after your children get a little older, or getting ready for a move, we'd love to help!

JMJ Painters are here to be your Interior Painting Specialists!

To help give you an idea of our pricing, here are some ballpark numbers as you're setting up your budget. Be sure to calculate these numbers by room for most accurate results.

NOTE: Please remember that every project is different. There are many factors that go into house painting and these are provided as a guide; we will provide exact numbers during your project consultation!

We are an EPA Lead Certified Firm so if your home was built before 1978, we will assume your home contains Lead Paint until proven otherwise. We are able to test for the presence of Lead, and if your home does have Lead Paint, the price for the project will increase from 25-40%.

Things that may put you on the higher end of the range:
Cleaning or Repairs Needed, Lots of Woodwork, Cluttered vs Empty Space, High or Vaulted Ceilings (above 9 feet), and Wallpaper Removal.

Surface Type Measurement Standard Low Range Mid Range High Range
Walls Surface Area in Sq. Ft.
(Ln.*Ht. per Wall)
$0.85 $1.10 $1.25
Ceiling Room Square Footage
(Length * Width)
$0.80 $1.10 $1.25
Trim & Woodwork Linear Footage
(Ignore thickness of trim)
$1.33 $2.00 $3.00
Doors & Castings Number of Sides
(1 Door = 2 Sides)
$35 $50 $75
Specialty Painting Surface Area in Sq. Ft.
(Length * Height per Area)
$5.00 $7.50 $10.00
Cabinet Painting Number of Openings
(Each Door/Drawer = 1)
$75 $95 $125

Sample Interior Painting Projects

Here are a few actual projects we have recently completed as examples.

  • Townhouse we painted in Maple Grove, MN

    Maple Grove, MN Quick Turn

    This 1,788 sq. ft. townhome was stuck on the market so they asked us to quickly refresh the paint.

    We painted 1-2 coats the same color, repaired a railing and when we finished, the house was sold within 1 week!

    This project was priced at $2,274

  • We performed this specialty paint job in Mendona Heights, MN

    Mendona Heights, MN Specialty Paint

    We Painted the Interior of this 5,550 sq. ft. home in Mendota Heights.

    We removed wallpaper from several walls, repainted most of the interior, and created this beautiful pattern on their stairwell and metallic stripes in the kitchen!

    This project was priced at $7,800

  • An interior color change job in Plymouth, MN

    Plymouth, MN 1st Floor Color Change

    The new owners of this home wanted their own splash of color to refresh their home (to make it welcoming for baby #1).

    We painted 2 coats on the entryway, dining, hallway, kitchen, and living room walls.

    There were some areas 18 feet high so it took us a bit longer but we still were able to complete it quickly and within budget!

    This project was priced at $3,150

  • A beautiful full interior in Wayzata, MN

    Wayzata, MN Whole Interior Painting

    This 3,300 sq. ft. home in Saint Paul needed a lot of work! There were ceiling stains, pink doors, green and pink walls, pink trim, and lots of areas to touch up!

    We are very proud of how this turned out and that we were able to help in the process of getting the house spruced up for sale.

    This project was priced at $7,100